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Hayward Filter & Pump Replacement O-Ring

Hayward Item Code: GMX600F

  • Genuine Hayward Replacement O-Ring.
  • Replacement multi-port 'neck' o-ring and MaxFlo Housing Gasket.
  • Compatible with Hayward ProSeries, SandMaster, and SwimPro Series:
    • Models include but are not limited to: S166T, S180TC, S210TC, S220TC, S244TC, S244T2, S270T2, S310T2, S166TW, SM1906T, SM1906TW, SM2106T, SM2106TW, SM2306T, SM2506T, VL210T, VL240T, and VL270T.
  • Compatible with ALL Hayward MaxFlo VS / XL Pumps:
    • SP2305X7, SP2307X10, SP2310X15, SP2315X20, SP2300VSP, SP2302VSP, SP2302VSPND, SP2303VSP, SP23115VSP, SP23520VSP, SP23510VSP, HL2350020VSP, and ALL W3 Suffix.
  • Compatible with ALL Hayward MaxFlo II Pumps:
    • SP2705X7, SP2705X7EE, SP2707X10, SP2707X10A, SP2707X102, SP2707X102S, SP2710X15, SP2715X15A, SP2715X152, SP2715X152S, SP2715X20, and SP2715X202.
  • Compatible with ALL Hayward PowerFlo II (VL) Pumps:
    • VL2280 and VL2285