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Devours dirt with efficient, two-way cleaning.
Pentair Item Code: GW7900
The SandShark cleaner cleans two ways. First, it scrubs your pool walls and floor, dislodging stubborn dirt particles with its rows of little rubber scrubbers. Next, it instantly vacuums away the debris and sends it to your pool’s filtration system…where it belongs.
Set it and forget it. - Remove the Kreepy Krauly SandShark cleaner from the box, attach the hose, place it in the water and watch it attack dirt as it prowls around the bottom and sides of your pool.
Two-way cleaning action - Superior footpad design scrubs and dislodges debris while its powerful vacuum action whisks it away.
SmartTrac™ Steering - SmartTrac Programmed Steering System assures fast, thorough cleaning coverage without the missed spots common with other cleaners.
Compact and attractive - The compact size and attractive two-tone colors complement today’s pool designs.
Flexible rubber teeth - The SandShark cleaner’s rows of flexible rubber scrubbing teeth dislodge stubborn dirt and vacuum it away.