Zodiac MX6 Inground Automatic Pool Cleaner

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Zodiac MX6 is compact in size, yet demonstrates a powerful clean. The MX6 is a highly efficient suction cleaner that displays great manoeuvrability and provides thorough pool coverage.

  • Cyclonic Vacuum Technology ensures the MX6 captures smaller debris (compared to the MX8 which will pick up larger debris) whilst maintaining maximum cleaning power.
  • X-Drive Technology provides great navigation for wall and floor cleaning resulting in thorough pool coverage.
  • Ultra-efficient power source provides maximum torque while operating at low flow, not burdening the pool system.
  • The MX6 is light weight, easy to access inner components equipped with carry handle.
  • The new Flow Regulator Valve (FRV) assists the MX6 in running at optimal performance, the FRV will bypass excess water in high flow conditions.

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