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Hayward Replacement Impeller Ring

Hayward Item Code: SPX3021R

  • Compatible withHayward TriStar / VS Pumps:
    • SP3205EE, SP3207EE, SP3210EE, SP32102EE, SP3215EE, SP32152EE, SP3220EE, SP32202EE, SP3230EE, SP3250EE, SP3205X7, SP3207X10, SP3210X15, SP3210X152, SP315X202, SP3220X252, SP36075EE, SP36120EE, SP3200VSP, SP3202VSP, SP3206VSP, SP3400VSP, SP32900VSP, SP32950VSP, HL32900VSP, HL32950VSP and ALL W3 Suffix.
  • Compatible with Hayward Super II Pumps: 
    • SP3020X25A, SP3020X25AZ, SP3025X30, and SP3025X30AZ.
  • Compatible with Hayward EZ Flo Pumps: 
    • SP3120X25A and SP3120X25E.