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Raypak Item Code: P-R264A-EN-N

Heat Smarter, Play Harder

Managing your pool heater has never been easier or smarter. AVIA is built with an innovative Wi-Fi enabled control system that allows you to manage your pool heater with one accessory through the Raymote app – so no need for a separate control panel to manage your pool heater. 


The AVIA heater with built-in controls is the only heater of it's kind on the market. Why spend extra money on external controls when you can buy the one heater that does it all. Our onboard heater intelligence can then be quickly accessed and controlled though our Raymote app, from anywhere.

ProTek Shield™

Is a cutting-edge module that protects the heat exchanger from corrosion, prolonging the life of the AVIA pool heater.

Installation Versatility

AVIA can be rotated on all 3 sides giving you more installation options. It has right and left water connection and gas connections can be configured to be on the right or left side.

Small and Easy to Install

AVIA weighs under 140 pounds and can be installed on a standard 2×2 foot pad. It’s the perfect heater for new and replacement.

Smart Ecosystem Manager

AVIA can monitor and control your pool ecosystem including, pumps, lights, or water features so there is no need for expensive, complex external control systems.1AVIA pairs perfectly with our Protégé VSP (Variable Speed Pump) to create a uniquely Raypak pool heating experience – all controlled from the onboard control, or the Raymote App.

Raypak 264 Pool Heater Canada at www.poolproductscanada.ca

Plus - with Raypak’s industry-first technology, NiTek, the new RayPak AVIA has a heat exchanger that is 300% more erosion resistant than copper, and 200% more than cupronickel!

Raypak Avia Literature

Raypak Avia Manual